Prevention of Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace

You must be reading news almost every second day about the pain of the country. It is felt that now we need to wake up the society & pave our way to bring reforms at all levels. Therefore, to take a step forward for prevention of women sexual harassment, such news is highly inflamed especially on social media. These days people are constantly updating & encouraging social shares on their account to create more awareness. Moreover, in our country where women safety, rights and equality are been given importance but having said this it is observed that this same gender that is highly vulnerable to threats be it at home, streets or even at workplace. Studies state that women who have been subjected to sexual harassment at work place compromise a lot on their self-esteem and reputation. This could be either due to fear of losing their job or affecting their image at the workplace. Hence, to avoid such environment women who are victims of sexual harassment tend to not report such instances.

Delegates Participating from Various Companies in Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace

We at Transformance Forums firmly believe that it is the women these days who have the potential & capabilities to take an organization to another level as compared to men. Hence, we are having 80% of powerful, safe and happy women employees in our organization & as a result we are preventing gender power dynamics at workplace. Likewise, to spread the across the word and inspire others we have come up with a seminar on Prevention of Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace.

What points are going to be addressed for prevention of sexual harassment at workplace?

  • Some of the real life case studies from real women who have come across such real life scenarios & managed them at work place.
  • Also, sexual Harassment in India & around the globe
  • What does the law says about sexual harassment and what are the acts to help women at workplace?

Learning Outcomes for Prevention of Sexual Harassment

What are the learning outcomes?

  • Learn- Manage- Prevent
  • How to implement ICC as a mechanism for redressal of complains?
  • Above all, steps should be taken to ensure women safety at workplace
  • Even more the challenge is to overcome the objectivity
  • Most importantly when it comes to workplace, then how do you provide justice to a women employee who is a victim of sexual harassment at work place through the hands of a profitable employee & moreover is even found to be guilty of the act?

Participating organizations for Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Work Place are from:

We have participants from Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore

Who are going to attend - Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Work Place?

Legal Head, Director, VP, President, Governance, COO, HR

How to Prevent Sexual Harassment ?

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